• Therapies for hematolgic malignancies and approved supportive cancer care

    Teva Oncologythe oncology division of Teva Pharmaceuticalsis one of the top 10 oncology companies in the US.*1

    Today we provide multiple therapies for hematologic malignancies and an approved supportive cancer care treatment.

    Our diverse pipeline of small molecules
    and biologics holds great promise for future therapies in hematologic malignancies, solid tumors, and supportive care.

    By combining our global heritage with therapeutic innovation, we provide more treatment choices for patients with cancer.

    Committed to the
    ever-changing world
    of cancer care

    *Excluding supportive care.
    Reference: 1. EvaluatePharma®. March 2013.
  • Drawing upon Teva’s more than 100 years of healthcare expertise,
    Teva Oncology comes from a long and proud heritage of making
    quality healthcare accessible around the world.

    Located in more than 60 countries, Teva is recognized as one of
    the top 10 pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Over 1.5 million
    Teva prescriptions are written daily in the USin fact, 1 of every
    6 prescriptions dispensed is a Teva product.

    With a global presence of 34 research and development
    centers, more than 60 manufacturing sites, and more
    than a decade of investment in the development and
    manufacture of biologics, Teva takes pride in its
    culture of innovation and quality.

    R&D, manufacturing, and development of biologics
  • We work hard to ease the way for people
    with cancer throughout their therapeutic
    journey. Helping with reimbursement and
    offering patients educational materials are
    just some of the ways we make high-quality
    healthcare accessible to people with cancer.

    Mission: to improve lives of people with cancer
  • We recognize that to make a real difference
    in cancer care, we have a responsibility to help
    support the members of the oncology community
    that we servepatients, healthcare professionals,
    and patient advocates. We are proud to invest in
    patient care through educational programs and
    sponsorships of cancer support organizations.

    Helping to fund lifesaving research and support
    for people battling cancer as a national sponsor
    of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light The
    Night® Walks.

    Recognizing excellence in the HCP community
    by sponsoring programs such as the T.O.P.
    Pharmacist award, which honors outstanding
    oncology pharmacists.

    Enhancing opportunities for patient advocates
    by supporting the Conquer Cancer Foundation,
    which awards educational scholarships annually
    to attend the ASCO Annual Meeting.

    Oncology community:  HCPs, patients, and advocates
  • Unique therapies and reimbursement assistance

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